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"My mission is to interview the most confident people on earth, to learn how they deal with fear, anxiety and stress, to test those methods myself in genuinely dangerous situations and to share what I have learned with the world."       

Scott Goodknight -Yosemite Valley Oct 2018
Interviewing world class rock climber and Yosemite Search And Rescue team member Gena Woods.

FEAR. It touches every single aspect of our lives. From the cradle to the grave no single human emotion causes so much unnecessary damage, and prevents so many people from tapping into their true potential to take control of their mind and create the lives of their dreams.

Now more than ever, it seems as if the media, many world leaders and shady corporate organizations are using all of their power to create a world filled with FEAR, doubt, anxiety, suspicion, anger and even terror so they can gain even more control over our lives, our freedoms and our livelihoods.

Fear hijacks our logical reasoning powers and causes us to revert to an earlier less evolved part of the brain that thinks purely in terms of survival. When FEAR is running the show everyone and everything is quickly processed as a potential threat to survival, subconscious decisions are made and behaviors are generated without our conscious knowledge. It all happens in the blink of an eye, before we can actually distinguish between genuine danger and irrational fear.

But what if you could control that process?

Some people ARE able to do this, in the most extreme life threatening situations. But how?

This has been my quest for the past six years. To find, interview, study with, learn from and TEST OUT the secret methods used by the most "fearless" human beings on earth.

Since I began my research I have personally interviewed, studied under, trained with, observed and spent hundreds of hours filming some of world's most amazing, talented and knowledgeable experts including:

Medal of Honor Recipients, US Army special forces soldiers, Airborne Rangers, Navy S.E.A.L.S., Marine Force Recon, DEA agents, world class skydivers, "freedivers" who swim with and hand feed sharks in the open ocean, venomous snake handlers and snake venom extractors, firewalkers and fire eaters, firemen, law enforcement officers, martial arts experts, suspension performers who hang their bodies from steel hooks, alligator wrestlers, bear trainers, big cat keepers, world famous bull riders, bullfighters, high rise construction and steel workers, hang glider and experimental aircraft pilots, spearfishemen, big wave surfers, rock climbers, near death survivors and heroes of all shapes and sizes.

This isn’t a “book about books” I have read. All the interviews and film are 100% authentic.

No one was paid for their interviews and the filming was done in real world conditions with no staging, no theatrical tricks or special effects. Everything is 100% genuine and real.

Not only have I studied these people and their methods first hand, I have participated in many ultra hazardous activities with them, risking my life again and again in order to get an authentic unfiltered look into their amazing world of mental and emotional control.

I have had a venomous Cobra strike my camera and leave its venom on my lens. I have had sharks bite at my GoPro and bump their noses into my face as I was filming underwater. I have climbed on top of buildings in New York City to film roof workers and window washers. I have filmed climbers from the edge of sheer granite slabs 1000 feet high in Yosemite, I have held a venomous rattlesnake in my bare hands, I have sat on the back of a 2000 pound raging bull. I jumped off a 300 foot cliff in Moab Utah with a rope, a camera strapped to my head and one in my hand. I wondered if that would be the day I pushed it too far!

Sadly, out of the one hundred people I interviewed, four of them are no longer with us. One of them (A WW2 Paratrooper who jumped into Normandy on D-Day) died of natural causes, one died in a rock climbing accident, one (a good friend of mine) died parachuting, and a world renown shark diver died from a drug overdose. He was able to swim with sharks, but the monsters in his mind won in the end.

Scott Goodknight - Swimming with Sharks
Preparing to enter the open ocean with 12 bull sharks swimming below!

Why would I risk my life to write this book and bring this information to the world?

Because I have learned the hard and painful way that life is SHORT and not many people really LIVE because their lives are ruined by fear. As the saying goes: "everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives!"

But mostly because FEAR once ruled my life and if I had not broken free from the invisible "prison" I was trapped in, I probably wouldn't be here today.

In my book you can read about how I overcame the fear of heights, enclosed spaces, animals, snakes, heat, cold, extreme environments, ultra hazardous training missions with the US Army Rangers and (maybe my greatest fear) the fear of standing in front of large crowds telling my story and teaching what I have learned about fear and self confidence.

Believe it or not, I used to suffer from insomnia, social anxiety, paranoia, excessive worry and other irrational fears which were SO bad I was having terrible "panic attacks". These episodes became so severe I once thought I was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance! I used caffeine, nicotine, food, alcohol, and engaged in some extremely risky behaviors in an effort to try control my fears. But nothing worked. I still struggle with shame sometimes when I think about some of the things I did and the people I let down or hurt when FEAR was running my life. Never again.

To write this book I knew I had to face my greatest fears and put what I had learned to the ultimate test. What I have learned has turned my life around. I got a second chance and I am so very grateful that I am now truly living the life of my dreams.

I want to share this message with the world.

But when I look around, I see a world on fire with fear, and many people in power seem to be fanning the flames. Millions of people are suffering mentally, emotionally, financially. Its ruining peoples health, their relationships, their hope for a bright future and what makes it so terrible is the fact that just a few simple changes could literally mean the difference between life and death for some!

The truth is that the REAL "virus" that has been spreading like wildfire all around the world is FEAR. And guess what? FEAR is the number one cause of stress...and STRESS is the number one cause of disease! Thats right! STRESS is the silent killer. According to the American Medical Association STRESS kills more people each year than any other factor.

Stress breaks down the immune system which makes you more susceptible to disease. Its not a "virus" that kills you. Its your bodies inability to fight it off. Years ago I was astounded to heard a world renown doctor say that AIDS never killed anyone. Huh? I thought it killed millions? AIDS is an acronym for Aquired, Immune, Defiency, Syndrome. Most people who "died of AIDS" actually died of pneumonia. But due to a non stop FEAR campaign by the media and corporate interests who benefitted by selling drugs to terrified patients, a sort of "mind trick" was played on the public. Its an illusion, a distortion of facts, a psychological abstraction that makes your brain go into "caveman mode" and shrink back in terror, not examining the true facts.

My new book will give you the specific strategies, techniques and methods of how the most fearless people on earth think, move, breathe, communicate, deal with adversity and keep themselves motivated to achieve unbelievable feats of mental and physical performance.

If you want to get over any anxiety or phobia such as the fear of snakes, spiders, heights, flying in a airplane, driving over a bridge, riding in an elevator, being in a crowed room or even giving a speech to a large crowd, you will now be able to instantly get control of your mind and move forward with calmness, certainty and confidence.

If you are a leader, manager, negotiator, coach, mentor, or business person you simply cannot ignore what these amazing people can teach you. Not only will their methods help you control your mind and emotions, they will enable you to quickly and easily help those you are committed to helping.

I am currently interviewing the worlds leading experts; doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists and researchers to learn more about the science of fear and how it affects individuals, groups, families, teams, business, governments, society and our every day lives.

If you have any questions, ideas, input, interview suggestions or would like to be notified when the book will be released please enter your name and email in the form at the bottom of the main page.


Scott Goodknight

Scott Goodknight interviews world famous King Cobra handler Albert Killian in homestead Florida.